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Man wears empty beer box on his head as he disguises speed camera
The man can be seen running up behind the truck with the box on his head (Picture: The Bell Tower Times)

A prankster wore an empty beer box on his head as a disguise as he covered a speed camera with a towel.

Video posted online showing the ‘hero’ – dubbed the Demerit Man – taking the law into his own hands has gone viral.

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The clip, originally uploaded to Snapchat with the caption ‘Not all heroes wear capes’, shows the man run up to the back of a truck with an empty box of VB Beer on his head.

He then covers the back window of the truck, which has been parked up on the side of a road in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia on Friday.

Facebook page The Bell Tower Times posted the video yesterday afternoon and it has quickly racked up thousands of likes.

Man wearing empty beer box on his head as a disguise covers a speed camera
He covers the rear window with the towel… (Picture: The Bell Tower Times)

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Man wearing empty beer box on his head as a disguise covers a speed camera
…before running away with his identity in tact (Picture: The Bell Tower Times)

It was uploaded with the caption: ‘Introducing Demerit Man, protected by his photo-proof beer box hat he swoops in to foil the plans of his arch nemesis.’

He then manages to make his getaway – all without revealing his identity.

According to local media, authorities are aware of the incident.

The Roads and Maritime Services are said to be investigating.

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