Woman survives after getting trapped in avalanche for four hours
Anastasia Markova, 29, became trapped after snow fell on her (Picture: East2west News/ The Siberian Times)

A teacher has been dug out from an avalanche after being buried for four hours.

Anastasia Markova, 29, became trapped after two snow slabs fell on to her from a hospital roof in Artyomovsky, in the Irkutsk region of eastern Russia.

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The unsuspecting teacher had been headed to her local gym for a fitness session.

Mrs Markova was so compressed by the snow she could not reach her phone and quickly passed out after panicking.

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Part of the path where Anastasia was hit by snow avalanche
The snow fell from a hospital’s roof (Picture: East2west News/ The Siberian Times)

‘I was walking to the gym and suddenly heard a strange noise,’ the mother-of-one said.


‘I raised my head and saw an avalanche of snow rolling right at me.

‘There was no time to jump back, or run.

‘The first snow slab knocked me down. The second, heavier, buried me.

‘I started to yell ‘help’ at the top of my voice, but no-one heard me.

‘Then I felt that it was getting harder to breath, and was overwhelmed by panic.

‘Last thing I remember were thoughts about my husband and our six months old baby.’

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This is where Anastasia was buried under a pile of snow for four hours
She was stuck under the snow (Picture: East2west News/ The Siberian Times)

Mrs Markova was rescued after her husband Alexey Markova became worried and went to look for her.

He found her bag and then traced her steps back to where she was trapped.

Mr Markova added: ‘It was getting dark, and for some minutes I strained my eyes looking at this pile of snow.

‘Suddenly I noticed what seemed to be part of my wife’s bag.’

Mrs Markova was rescued ‘in the nick of time’, according to The Siberian Times.

She suffered frostbite on her fingers and toes, along with serious bruising.

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