Its been six years since Peter Andre tragically lost his brother, Andrew, following a battle with kidney cancer. But the dad-of-four has confessed the grief for him and his family is still very raw.

Speaking at the charity event, Jog On To Cancer, Peter took to the stage to encourage the audience to seek help should they have any worries but hinted he still struggles with his loss.

Peter said: “Early detection is key. Do I think my brothers life would have been saved it was detected earlier? Sure.”

But when it comes to discussing it with his family, he says its so hard.

“It came out of the blue. He was healthy, he was active. But not only did he get this terrible disease but he lost his life shortly afterwards. And it tore us apart,” he admitted in a video obtained by The Sun.

“As a family, were still so devastated by this loss we cant sit down as a family and talk about it because its still so raw.”

He also admitted that he struggled to cope with his death to such an extent that he rejected cancer charities who approached him for association.

“I told them, No! I was angry at cancer. I said I wouldnt support something that took my brothers life.”

Peter went on to explain that it was his other brother Mike who encouraged him “to get on with it” and “be involved in the solution.”

Now, thanks for Mikes encouragement Peter says, “Im a very proud ambassador of Cancer Research UK since I lost my brother.”

Andrew was diagnosed with kidney cancer in February 2012 and spent months undergoing chemotherapy, before tragically passing away in December of the same year, aged 54.

Peter had postponed his tour to spend time with his brother at the whole family was at his bedside in his final moments.

He previously admitted how Andrews death shook him so much he found himself at his lowest ebb in almost two decades.

“I plummeted, I went straight back to where I was 10/15 years ago when I had all the depression and panic attacks.”

Thankfully, with the support of wife Emily and his family, Pete got through this hard time but clearly the hole left by loosing his brother remains with him.

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