Its probably because it cant be bothered focus-testing a name for every slightly new television they release, but Sony isnt one for catchy or consumer-friendly labels.

The Sony WH-1000XM2 has the kind of name youve started to forget before youve even finished reading it, but theyre a very memorable pair of headphones. Proud successors to the extremely fine MDR-1000X (which were Sonys first wireless, noise-cancelling, over-the-ear headphones) the WH-1000XM2 improves on its celebrated predecessor in a number of ways.

Noise-cancelling is better for a start, with a barometer built into the left cup that adjusts the sound-isolation based on changes in altitude, which is ideal for blocking out aircraft engine noise at 35,000ft. Audio quality is generally superb too, with crisp highs and deep-but-clear bass notes. A returning feature is the ability to place your hand flat over the right cup to lower the volume and enhance any vocal frequencies, which is like a superpower that allows you to tune into nearby conversations. Forget the name if you will, but remember these are Sonys best headphones.

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