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Meghan Markle has been leaning on sister-in-law Kate Middleton for support as her ongoing rift with father Thomas continues.

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The Duchess of Sussex, 36, has been accused of cutting off the retired lighting director, 74, after a series of embarrassing interviews about his daughter.

Thomas pulled out of walking his daughter down the aisle just days before she wed Prince Harry, 33, after it was revealed he arranged to pose for paparazzi photographs in a bid to rehabilitate his image.

In an interview with the Mail On Sunday last week, Thomas told of his fears he might “die without speaking to Meghan again”.

He continued, “Ive just about reached my limit with Meghan and the Royal Family. They want me to be silent, they want me to just go away. But I wont be silenced.

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“I refuse to stay quiet. What riles me is Meghans sense of superiority. Shed be nothing without me. I made her the Duchess she is today. Everything that Meghan is, I made her.”

In recent weeks, the newlywed has been seeking solace with the Duchess of Cambridge, with the two royals growing closer to the delight of Prince Harry.

A source told Vanity Fair magazine, “Kates well aware of what Meghan is going through. Her family has been dragged through the tabloids and she knows its not nice. Shes made a big effort to be kind to Meghan and look out for her.”

Although Meghan and Catherine, 36, are quite different personalities, they have bonded over a shared love of tennis, dogs, chocolate and the English countryside.

Last month, the two duchesses were seen chatting and laughing as they sat in Wimbledons Centre Court together while watching the womens final.

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The insider adds, “They speak on the phone and Kate makes a point of inviting Meghan over. Id say they try to see each other once a week, sometimes with Harry, sometimes Meghan goes on her own. Kates really busy juggling three kids; she has a lot on her plate and she has her own friendship group, but she has made an effort with Meghan.

“Shes been very sympathetic to whats been going on with Meghan and her dad.”

Although Kates relationship with her parents Carole and Michael is strong, she is no stranger to having a black sheep in the family after being embarrassed by her uncle Gary Middleton, who was fined last year for assaulting his wife.

Kates siblings Pippa Matthews and James Middleton havent been immune either with their love lives and careers often covered in the press.

Words by Emily Sheridan.

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