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I survived the shooting. Arming teachers is wrong

Student Demitri Hoth, who survived the Florida mass shooting, explains why he and his classmates wil..

Trump: More guns to stop school massacres

Tearful school shooting survivors have met President Trump and urged him to bring in stricter gun co..

President Trump’s cheat sheet: ‘I hear you’

Donald Trump's use of a cheat sheet, which included a reminder to say "I hear you", has been wi..

N Korea cancelled historic US meeting at last minute

A historic meeting due to take place between US Vice President Mike Pence and North Korean officials..

US evangelist Reverend Billy Graham dies aged 99

US evangelist Reverend Billy Graham has died at his home in North Carolina at the age of 99, a spoke..

Can Florida’s massacre shame Congress into change?

Donald Trump has come under increasing pressure to bring sweeping changes to gun laws in the wake of..

Reprieve for man who plotted own family’s murder

A death row inmate has been granted an 11th hour reprieve for the first time in 11 years in Texas. ..

Trump backs ban on bump stock gun modifications

Donald Trump has signed a memorandum recommending a ban on bump stocks, like those used in the Las V..

Face to face with a rapist: The man who says #IHave

Interviewing a man who admits to raping a woman is unpleasant, but important. Here was someone will..

Russian tycoon’s son-in-law admits lying in US probe

The son-in-law of a Russian oligarch has pleaded guilty to lying to investigators looking into Russi..

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