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Candice Bergen returning to TV with ‘Murphy Brown’ reboot

Everything old really is new again. CBS announced Wednesday "Murphy Brown" will return to televis..

Elon Musk deletes Facebook pages amid privacy row

Elon Musk has deleted the official Facebook pages for his SpaceX and Tesla brands amid concerns over..

#BoycottNRA: Firms turn against US gun lobby

Several companies in the US have ended long-held customer discounts for National Rifle Association m..

This map is dope! Here’s where weed is legal in the...

On New Year’s Day California became the eighth US state to allow the sale of marijuana for recreatio..

Bee-pocalypse: Vandals destroy beehives in Iowa, kill nearly half a million...

Published time: 31 Dec, 2017 14:21 Vandals have destroyed dozens of beehives in Iowa, killing at ..

Hug it out? Americans divided over sexual harassment standards – poll

A new poll reveals that Americans do not agree on whether a “non-consensual hug” should be considere..

Trump tariffs could harm world and US

Whatever you may say or think about Donald Trump, he is slowly but surely trying to tick off the cam..

Trump: I believe Kim will keep missiles ‘promise’

Donald Trump has said he believes North Korea will "honour its commitment" after the regime "promise..

N Korea ‘sincere’ about disarmament – Trump

Donald Trump has said he believes North Korea'a offer to discuss nuclear disarmament is "sincer..

US high school on lockdown after shooting

Three people were injured and a high school was placed into lockdown during a shooting in Maryland. ..

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