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Girl, 2, ‘could have died’ after Boots pharmacist gave wrong medicine

‘The label on the bottle reads “May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways” followed by “If swallo..

Comedian sued by ex-husband for talking about their relationship in her...

Award-winning comedian Louise Beamont is being sued by her estranged husband (Picture: Louise Beamon..

‘Fake news’ could spell ‘beginning of the end’ for social media...

Published time: 29 Dec, 2017 09:58 Fake news may spell the “beginning of the end” for social medi..

Hunt for mohawk monkeys who vanished from zoo in overnight ‘theft’

These three little monkeys were taken overnight (Picture: Galloway Conservation Centre/Universal New..

‘Devil incarnate’ Barry Bennell jailed for abuse

Former football coach Barry Bennell was branded "the devil incarnate" as he was jailed for 30 years ..

Tomato Ketchup recalled over fears it may contain small pieces of...

Happy Shopper ketchup has been recalled (Picture: Booker) A food company has recalled its tomato ket..

Taxi passengers bailed on cabbie without paying then dropped £120 in...

Sweet, sweet karma (Picture: Facebook/ GMP) Three men who bailed from a taxi without paying thought ..

Feminism has gone far enough, most Britons say

Harry Carr, Head of Sky Data The vast majority of Britons think women face prejudice in the workplac..

How to turn off Audio Description on Virgin

Here is how to solve the puzzle of silencing audio description you don’t need (Picture: Getty) High ..

Gender pay gap: More than 500 firms reveal their figures

Ladbrokes, Easyjet and Virgin Money are among the major companies to reveal gender pay gaps of more ..

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