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Leader of Fringe Group Britain First Accused of Sex Attack

Paul Golding, the leader of the fringe activist group Britain First, has been accused of a sex attac..

Trump Jumps on UK Critics, Calls for Focus on Islam’s Terrorism,...

President Donald Trump answered critics — including U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May — of his Novembe..

Germany Offers Voluntary Repatriation Payments to Migrants That Will Go Home

Sean Gallup/Getty Images byBreitbart London3 Dec 20170 3 Dec, 20173 Dec, 2017 BERLIN (AP) – Germa..

Saboteur May Flakes on Israel Support, Opens Up ANOTHER Front With...

Following the major announcement by U.S. President Donald Trump to move the country’s Israeli embass..

NYT: Countries With Monarchies Better, More Stable, Richer, and Unified

Getty Images byBreitbart London8 Jan 20180 8 Jan, 20188 Jan, 2018 Monarchy is the cure for ailing..

POLITICO: Orbán Sidesteps Merkel, Meets with German Regional Leaders

Sean Gallup/Getty Images byBreitbart London4 Dec 20170 4 Dec, 20174 Dec, 2017 BUDAPEST (POLITICO)..

Christmas Market ‘Bomb’ Scare Evacuation Was Blackmail Plot, Not Terror, Says...

BERLIN (AP) – A suspicious package containing nails that led to a bomb scare at a Christmas market i..

Former French PM: ‘Jihadists Act in the Name of Islam’

PHILIPPE WOJAZER/AFP/Getty Images byChris Tomlinson5 Dec 20170 5 Dec, 20175 Dec, 2017 Former Fren..

Germany Warns of Female Islamic Extremists Radicalising Next Generation of Muslim...

DAVID GANNON/AFP/Getty Images byChris Tomlinson29 Dec 20170 29 Dec, 201729 Dec, 2017 German domes..

Reverend Under Fire for Asking Christians to Pray for Prince George...

Richard Pohle – WPA Pool/Getty Images byChris Tomlinson2 Dec 20170 2 Dec, 20172 Dec, 2017 Scottis..

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