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German Police Failed to Notice Picture of Migrant Holding Gun Who...

AFP byBreitbart London27 Nov 20170 27 Nov, 201727 Nov, 2017 BERLIN (AP) – German authorities say ..

Apple Investigated by French Government over ‘Planned Obsolescence’

The Associated Press byLucas Nolan9 Jan 20180 9 Jan, 20189 Jan, 2018 Apple is reportedly under in..

France Seeks EU Pact on Closer Ties With the Palestinians

BRUSSELS (AP) – French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Monday that France wants the Europea..

Breitbart London – Latest News | Breitbart

Germany’s insurgent right-wing populist party has overtaken the left-leaning Social Democrats to bec..

Archbishop of Canterbury Uses Christmas Address to Lash Out at Populists

Carl Court/Getty Images byBreitbart London25 Dec 20170 25 Dec, 201725 Dec, 2017 The archbishop of..

DAVID KURTEN: Christians Aren’t Leaving the Church, the Church is Leaving...

A new report published by Bristol University at the weekend studying data from the British Social At..

Ecuador Grants WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Citizenship

Officials in Ecuador have granted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange citizenship after five years of l..

Breitbart London – Latest News | Breitbart

British street activism organiser and citizen journalist Tommy Robinson is the latest of a number of..

Breitbart London – Latest News | Breitbart

Left-liberal activists have been enraged by an Australian proposal to help South Africa’s persecuted..

Oxfam Reports Staff Intimidated Witnesses in Haiti Scandal

Spencer Platt/Getty Images byBreitbart London19 Feb 20180 19 Feb, 201819 Feb, 2018 LONDON (AP) – ..

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