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Little Foot skeleton unveiled in South Africa

One of the oldest and most complete skeletons of humankind's ancestors has been unveiled in Sou..

Deep fat fryers may help form cooling clouds

Media playback is unsupported on your device Fatty acids released into the air from cooking may con..

Julius Caesar’s Britain invasion site ‘found by archaeologists’

Archaeologists believe they may have uncovered the first evidence of Julius Caesar's invasion o..

Light shed on mystery space radio pulses

Astronomers have shed more light on a mysterious source of recurring radio pulses from space. Fast ..

RemoveDebris: Space junk mission prepares for launch

Media playback is unsupported on your device A mission that will test different methods to clean u..

‘Unnatural’ microbe can make proteins

An altered microbe with an "unnatural" genetic code has been shown to assemble proteins – a key step..

How UK’s birds are being affected by a changing climate

Migratory birds are arriving in the UK earlier each spring and leaving later each autumn, a report h..

‘Zero tolerance’ plan eyed for plastic pollution

A plan for zero tolerance of plastic pollution of the oceans may be agreed by nations at a UN enviro..

Food waste: Clearer label plan in bid to cut

A new attempt is being made to improve labelling to prevent edible food going to waste. The waste a..

Farthest monster black hole found

Astronomers have discovered the most distant "supermassive" black hole known to science. The matter..

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