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Amelia Earhart: Island bones ‘likely’ belonged to famed pilot

Bones discovered on a Pacific island in 1940 are "likely" to be those of famed pilot Amelia Earhart,..

Gardens under threat from ‘game changing’ plant disease

A pest that can infect plants from lavender to cherry trees is of real and growing concern in the UK..

Wearable tech aids stroke patients

Scientists in the US are developing wearable sensors to speed up the recovery of stroke patients. T..

Higher temperatures linked to EU asylum figures

Sharp increases in the numbers of those seeking asylum in the European Union have been linked to hig..

The other Dodo: Extinct bird that used its wings as clubs

The extinct Dodo had a little-known relative on another island. This fascinating bird ultimately suf..

New clues to decline of bees and other pollinators

Bee diseases have been detected in hoverflies for the first time. The brightly-coloured flies may b..

UK ‘faces build-up of plastic waste’

Media playback is unsupported on your device The UK's recycling industry says it doesn't ..

Ariane rocket suffers rare launch anomaly

Europe's normally highly dependable rocket, the Ariane 5, experienced an anomaly during its lat..

Space science work recognised in New Year Honours

A leading member of the Cassini mission to Saturn, which ended spectacularly in September 2017, has ..

Farthest monster black hole found

Astronomers have discovered the most distant "supermassive" black hole known to science. The matter..

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