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Cardiff University scientists’ drugs test breakthrough

Media playback is unsupported on your device Scientists in Wales have helped develop a technique to..

A science news preview of 2018

From next steps in the commercial space revolution to a rocket-powered supercar, there's much t..

Fire reductions ‘make methane numbers add up’

Scientists think they can now better explain the recent surge in methane levels seen in the Earth&#0..

Julius Caesar’s Britain invasion site ‘found by archaeologists’

Archaeologists believe they may have uncovered the first evidence of Julius Caesar's invasion o..

How UK’s birds are being affected by a changing climate

Migratory birds are arriving in the UK earlier each spring and leaving later each autumn, a report h..

‘Milestone’ reached in fighting deadly wheat disease

Scientists say they have made a step forward in the fight against a wheat disease that threatens foo..

New Sentinel satellite tracks dirty air

It's been working less than a month but already the UK-Dutch-built Sentinel-5P satellite is ret..

Clean air target ‘could be met more quickly’

Targets for reducing illegal levels of NO2 pollution from vehicles will be achieved more quickly tha..

New scanning technique reveals secrets behind great paintings

Researchers in the US have used a new scanning technique to discover a painting underneath one of Pa..

Design call for ‘solar sentinel’ mission

UK scientists and engineers will play a leading role in developing a satellite that can warn if Eart..

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