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New ‘phone boxes’ spark privacy concerns

If you live in London or Leeds, you may have already spotted one on a street corner near you. At ju..

A new digital platform could save the NHS £1bn every year

Depending on who you ask, the UKs National Health Service is one of two things. Either, its the prid..

Scientists discover new species of exploding ant

A new species of ant which can detonate their bodies when threatened has been discovered by scientis..

‘4,000% rise’ in spread of lies by Russian bots

Online activity by Russian bots, trolls and automated accounts has increased by 4,000% in the days a..

Boring meetings? Just leave, says Elon Musk

The idea of just getting up and leaving a boring work meeting is a dream to many of us and it seems,..

A five year plan for London techs reputational rehabilitation

As Facebooks CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the hot seat in the US Congress to provide evidence on the Cam..

Old ways of recruitment are holding back the best young digital...

The digital skills gap in the UK is well documented, with employers struggling to fill 43 per cent o..

Ultra Electronics shares fall as SFO opens criminal investigation into firm

The UK's Serious Fraud Office has opened a criminal investigation into "suspected corruption" i..

Six billion cockroaches bred for potions at AI-controlled farm

Six billion cockroaches are being bred each year through artificial intelligence at a Chinese farm m..

NASA spacecraft begins search for new planets

NASA's Tess spacecraft has blasted off from Earth in a search for new planets that could suppor..

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