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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and wife to divorce

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of US online retail empire Amazon and the world's richest man, has ..

Data breach in Germany: Police search flat of teenage IT worker

A teenager's apartment has been searched by police investigating a significant data breach targ..

Tougher rules for drones after Gatwick disruption

Drones will have to stay further away from airports under new rules. Airport exclusion zones will b..

Billionaire overtakes chicken nugget boy for most-retweeted tweet

A man's quest for free chicken nuggets has been knocked off the top spot as the most-retweeted ..

Dad builds 3D-printed bionic arm for son

After facing an 18-month wait for his son to receive a bionic hand, Callum Miller decided to make hi..

Cutting the cord: Landline phone use halves as data soars

British phone users are ditching dialogue for data, according to a survey by Ofcom. Its research sh..

Fracking to be banned in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is to ban fracking across all 10 of its local councils. Planning rules to be det..

Chinese students could be playing games with their eyesight

Lu Daimeng shares his sparse dormitory with eight other students. They sleep on bunk beds and hang ..

Galactic collision could wake up Milky Way black hole

New research has predicted that a galactic collision could wake the black hole at the centre of the ..

Hotel becomes first in UK to be battery-powered

A Scottish hotel has become the first in the UK to be powered by battery. The Gyle Premier Inn in E..

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