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Tory vice-chair admits hacking Labour MP’s website

A rising star in the Conservative Party has apologised after she admitted she hacked a Labour MP&#03..

Google paid UK workers an average of £200,000

Tech giant Google has revealed that it paid its UK workers over £200,000 on average last year, up fr..

Who was John Harrison? Google Doodle honours clock-maker who invented marine...

John Harrison was born on April 3, 1693 in Foulby, West Yorkshire and was a skilled carpenter and wa..

Who was Maya Angelou? Google Doodle honours American author and civil...

Google Doodle has honoured the life and achievements of Dr Maya Angelou with a beautiful video clip ..

Facebook admits Zuckerberg uses secret tool to unsend messages

Facebook users who change their mind and do not want their messages to appear in a recipient's ..

UK infrastructure being targeted by hackers

Hackers are targeting companies connected to the UK's critical national infrastructure, the Nat..

First-ever luxury hotel in space announced

Tourists will soon be able to boldly go where no holidaymakers have gone before thanks to the launch..

Facebook will now verify major page owners in an effort to...

Facebook is launching a new initiative to combat fake news by requiring verification for large pages..

Facebook suspends Brexit-linked Canadian firm AggregateIQ

Facebook has suspended another data firm from its platform over reports that it is linked to politic..

Russia moves to block encrypted messaging app Telegram

Russia's media regulator has filed a lawsuit to block the encrypted messaging app Telegram in t..

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