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Holidays to THIS city soar by 129% thanks to Eurovision fever...

GETTY HOLIDAY: More Brits than ever are visiting Lisbon thanks to Eurovision fever Excitement i..

Riskiest holiday destinations REVEALED – some are very popular with Brits

GETTY TRY BEFORE YOU FLY: Thoroughly research your next holiday before jetting off You should a..

How to get cheaper easyJet flights DURING summer holidays – Martin...

Booking flights during July and August will always be more expensive than the winter because its dur..

Bank holiday travel CHAOS: London airport’s flights affected by strike action

GETTY PLANNED STRIKE: Customers are warned to expect delays in late May Brits who have booked t..

Leaning Tower of Pisa 500-year mystery FINALLY exposed

GETTY STOCK IMAGE ICONIC: The Leaning Tower of Pisa is known worldwide for its unintended tilt The..

Is Tenerife safe for tourists? 270 earthquakes raise risk of VOLCANIC...

GETTY STOCK IMAGE TENERIFE: Is it safe to travel to Spain following a number of earthquakes? There..

Fanciest cruise ship EVER? The Scenic Eclipse has its own helicopter...

SCENIC ECLIPSE MUST SEA: This new cruise liner promises guests the most luxurious service This fut..

How to get cheap flights DURING the summer holidays – six...

GETTY CHEAP: If you're flexible with dates and destination you can nab a bargain If you wan..

Google Maps users spot ‘underground PORTAL’ in spooky street view snap

The mapping program is a great tool for exploring the world – as well as enjoying a spot of people w..

Everyones laughing at this Heathrow airport sign – can you see...

REDDIT OUT OF THIS WORLD: Everyone's loving Heathrow Airport's banter today Bleary-eyed ..

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