An 18-month-old boy with Down's syndrome has been named as this year's "spokesbaby" of the US baby food brand Gerber.

Lucas Warren from Georgia is the first child with Down's syndrome to be named as a "Gerber baby". His image will be used to market and represent the brand.

Gerber says his selection, from more than 140,000 entries, could help social acceptance of those with disabilities.

His mother, Cortney, said she entered his photo "on a whim".

Gerber's CEO, Bill Partyka, described Lucas as "the perfect fit".

Lucas' father, Jason, told NBC's Today programme that he hoped Lucas's win could "help more individuals with special needs be accepted and not limited".

Many on social media, including advocacy groups and relatives of people with Down's syndrome, reacted positively to the announcement.

What is the Gerber baby?

  • The Gerber baby logo began life back in 1928 when the company invited people to send in baby face portraits
  • The winning drawing, sent in by Dorothy Hope Smith, is still the company's logo today. It became synonymous with the brand.
  • The Gerber "spokesbaby" competition is a modern incarnation, which started in 2010. People send in pictures of their child and one is chosen to represent the brand.
  • The "spokesbaby" does not replace the Gerber baby icon but the portrait is used to market and represent the brand.

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