Uber has just unveiled its sop to the government after it (finally) responded to the Taylor review on the gig economy: easier ways for drivers to provide feedback.

The ride hailing app said a new feedback programme, dubbed UberEngage, will give drivers "a voice in Uber", allowing them to provide feedback on new products and decisions that affect them, or pitch their ideas for improvement.

Meanwhile, the company said it will set up advisory panels in every city it operates in, made up of five local drivers who will meet with senior Uber staff each month.

The company has recruited bosses from Virgin Trains, think tank Demos and the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, who will work with three unnamed Uber drivers to set up the panels.

New ways of working

The move follows the government's much-delayed response to the Taylor review into working practices in the gig economy, in which the government pledged to bring greater clarity to workers' employment status, as well as promising sick and holiday pay for those working in the sector.

The review, published in July, called for businesses to be more transparent about how they employ people, and clearer terms of employment.

This week business secretary Greg Clark said the government will "embrace new ways of working".

We will be one of the first countries to prepare our employment rules to reflect the new challenges

Today Tom Elvidge, general manager at Uber UK, added: “Licensed drivers who use our app are absolutely vital to our business.

"Thanks to their feedback we’ve already made a number of improvements like investing in discounted illness cover and in-app tipping. But we know we can do a better job of listening to drivers and acting on what they say. Our new driver advisory groups in each city will not only formalise how we listen to drivers, but also help generate ideas for further changes we can make.”

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