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SNAPCHAT UPDATE 2 – February 15th 2018

Snapchat users are currently experiencing issues again this evening on the popular chat app.

Reports on independent outage monitor Down Detector for Snapchat have reached a massive 7967 reports at its peak around 8PM this evening.

Snapchat support on Twitter has addressed the outage, telling followers:

"Some Snapchatters are having trouble with the app. We're aware of the issue and working on a fix! We recommend staying logged into your account."

As recently as five minutes ago the support account was also telling followers on twitter who are having problems:

"We are looking into this and hope to have it sorted out soon! Stay tuned for updates."

Stay tuned for updates

Snapchat DOWN: Severs down and not working as Snapchat Twitter Support responds to issuesSNAPCHAT

Snapchat DOWN: Severs down and not working as Snapchat Twitter Support responds to issues


Although Snapchat went down last night, many were also worried that the popular messaging service might also have beene deleted for good.

A fake news article was circling at the same time claiming that the app would be closing down by the end of the year.

The story circling the web read:

"The CEO Evan Spiegel of the very popular app Snapchat has released that Snapchat will be removed from all app stores by November 14,2017.

"According to Fox News Media Evan has decided to make this decision due to copyright and legal issues with Facebook, Instagram, and By the date November 14,2017 all Snapchat apps with be removed from all devices and all app stores.

"DISCLAIMER all data and media associated with the app will also be deleted within the app."

However, it was a complete fabrication and the official Snapchat Twitter account has strongly warned that the news if a hoax.

"Not many people actually appear to have clicked on the article before passing it around on social media," explained

"If they had, they would have seen “You Got Owned!” on the top left-hand corner and “You’ve Been Pranked! ” on the top right side of the page"

Panic Over!

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ORIGINAL STORY – Snapchat users are continuing to experience issues nearly three hours after issues were first reported with the social network and it doesn't look like an end to the problems are in sight.

Although reports on independent outage monitor Down Detector for Snapchat has drastically fallen from a peak of over 28,000, it hasn't changed the fact that Snapchat users are still having problems with the service.

Snapchat's official Support channel on Twitter has, at the very least, acknowledged the issues telling their followers:

"We're aware of the issue and working on a fix. Stay tuned for updates! We recommend staying logged into your account."

So for anyone thinking about deleting the app as a fix. You're watching your time.

The only problem for more users is that, the warning came over two hours ago and the problems look to be continuing.

The support account has also been responding to Snapchat users throughout the outage as users are worried that their Snapstreaks may have disappeared.

To anyone worried that your Snapstreaks may have vanished, we'd advise that you head to the Snapchat Support website.

From there you can go to the section labelled "My Snapstreaks have disappeared" and if you press 'YES' next to 'still need help' you can fill out a form for more assistance.

Hilarious Snapchat photos

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In February 2017, Snapchat had 160 million daily active users, with this figure growing to 166 million in by May 2017.

And it's not the first time recently that Snapchat has gone down for thousands of those users.

Last month a major Snapchat outage left users unable to send and receive snaps for hours.

At the time the problems meant Snap messages weren't sending to individual people while Snap messages and photos weren't sending at all in group chats.

More to follow…

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