There's a competition to find the worst parking in Britain
This piece of creative parking won top spot and £100 in vouchers for the drivers (Picture: Stian Alexander)

If in doubt, park the car on a roundabout.

This frustrated driver who gave up trying to find a spot and left their Mini on a roundabout ended up winning a competition for ‘creative’ parking.

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UK car dealership Peter Vardy appealed for examples of creative parking and discovered the ingenuity of British drivers in rush to park somewhere.

The mini on the Essex roundabout won, second was the owner of the mobility scooter who too the time to park exactly within the blue markings of a disabled bay in Lanarkshire, Scotland

Third was a tractor driver who wedged the farm vehicle over two spaces in a council car park in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Competition for bad parkers
Second place for this precise piece of mobility scooter parking (Picture: Stian Alexander)

Fourth was the supermarket shopper who tried and failed getting a normal spot so parked in a trolley shed in Blackpool.

And fifth was the Smart car owner parks who squeezed into a tiny space in front of a giant 4×4.

A poll of 500 drivers by Peter Vardy found that a quarter of Brits admitted to ‘creative parking’ when struggling to find a parking spot.

Nottingham was the city hardest to park in, closely followed by Edinburgh, Sheffield, Newcastle, Cardiff and Bristol but easiest places were Belfast, followed by Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Glasgow.

Competition for bad parkers
Bronze medal for the tractor driver who used two spaces for his vehicle (Picture: Stian Alexander)
Competition for bad parkers
This driver’s trolley shed move earned them fourth place (Picture: Stian Alexander)

Hamish Livingston, of Peter Vardy, said: ‘A lot of places in the UK are quite historic, so it’s feasible that a lot of the city centres have limited space as often they’ve been designed back when there weren’t many (or any) cars on the road.

‘Locations that have introduced means to reduce congestion have also had the effect of freeing up some car park spaces, but people are still claiming they need to create their own spaces due to lack of availability.

‘Our competition gained some interesting entries, proof that it is an issue many of us face in daily driving life.’

Competition for bad parkers
This Smart car driver sneaked into this space and clinched fifth spot (Picture: Stian Alexander)

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