What is NFC on Samsung and how do you share content?
What is NFC? (Picture: Getty)

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a feature that allows users to wirelessly share information, and it is starting to become available on many portable devices such as Samsung phones.

The technology makes it possible for devices to share information between themselves by placing them next to one another.

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NFC is similar to the radio-frequency identification which is used by shipping companies and in stores to keep track of products by using an electromagnetic induction that tracks what the contents are.

What is NFC on Samsung and how do you share content?
Using NFC has many benefits (Picture: Getty)

One of the main benefits of NFC for mobile users is that you can share contacts, websites and images quickly.

It is also possible to make purchases at locations that have NFC support, which is becoming a more common occurrence in adverts and on shopping products.

You may have encountered NFC in your everyday life already when paying for public transport with an Oyster card and contactless feature with your bank card when purchasing goods.

What is NFC on Samsung and how do you share content?
You can pay for many goods at shops too using NFC (Picture: Getty)

It’s also used on the Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay digital wallets.

An NFC message appears automatically when your phone is within an inch of the target device.

If you have an older Samsung device and want to check if you have NFC, you should check to see if you have ‘Near Field Communication’ printed on the battery pack.

How do you turn NFC on?

To turn NFC on for you device you tap Menu from the home screen, select Settings > toggle NFC and S Beam to ON from the Connections tab.

How do you share content using NFC?

On Samsung you can use S Beam (Android Beam) to share things like contacts, songs and images between two NFC enabled devices.

Firstly, ensure that both NFC and S Beam are enabled by turning NFC on, then follow these steps to share content.

  1. Open the content to be shared.
  2. Bring the backs of the two NFC-enabled devices together.
  3. Wait for sound confirmation that both devices have detected each other.
  4. The sender’s screen will then downsize into a thumbnail and display ‘Touch to beam’ at the top.
  5. Touch the sender’s screen to begin beaming and you’ll hear a sound when beaming starts and you will be notified when this is complete.

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