The airline released their new Virgin Atlantic Credit Card recently – packed with some very exciting benefits.

Every pound you spend on purchases on the card will see you gain 1.5 Flying Club miles.

Once you have racked up between 10,000-15,000 miles you can get a free “companion” return seat – basically a buy one get one free on fares.

Now, that seems a lot to spend but there is a big bonus.

On your first card purchase, you automatically receive 15,000 miles as a one-off deal.


BARGAIN: Virgin Atlantic are offering customers free flights

That means you need to buy just one thing on your card to allow yourself to bring a buddy along on a return trip.

To get yourself a “Premium” upgrade, customers need 17,000-27,000 miles depending on the flight.

Virgin Atlantic has released super slow motion footage of the moment passengers realise they were upgraded as part of a social experiment, ahead of the card launch.

Taken at London Heathrow, the video captured the exact moment of shock, excitement, joy and even tears when holidaymakers realise theyve got a treat to start their journey.

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“By using hyper slow-motion cameras, we were able to secretly record the precise moment passengers realise theyve been upgraded,” Ewan Taylor, director of the social experiment, said.

“We call it Upgrade Face and its a mixture of surprise, joy and disbelief.

“But I dont think people should wait to be secretly filmed by our camera crew, Im sure getting a Virgin Atlantic Credit Card is an easier way to get an upgrade.”

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