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Why Malta is the adrenaline junkie's dream destination

(Picture: Gregory Iron)

So, you want a holiday thats excitement-packed?

Youd rather be splashing in the sea than lounging in the spa, exploring rather than snoozing, paragliding instead of sunbathing.

Have you thought about heading to Malta?

Turns out its more than a nice sunny spot (theres more than eight hours of sun each day and high summer temperatures of 31 degrees, FYI). Maltas the perfect place to head if you want a trip packed with activities, adventures, and adrenaline.

That makes planning your next holiday easier: Youve got the location sorted.

You know what makes it even more simple? Jet2holidays offers a host of packages thatll put you right in the middle of all the action.

Heres why every adrenaline lover needs to fly over to Malta, ASAP.

Its festival central

Malta plays host to many festivals, including the Isle of MTV, Annie Macs Lost and Found, and Creamfields.



Why faff around getting tickets for Glastonbury when you can book through Jet2holidays and head to a place with year-round sun and incredible views to listen to the best music around?

Well take Maltas weather over rain-sodden muddy fields any day.


(Picture: Luke Dyson)

Its the perfect place to try watersports

Sailing, surfing, swimming, kayaking, paragliding, jet skiing – the list goes on and on, and you can do them all while youre on holiday in Malta.

Malta is right in the Mediterranean sea, where the water is warm and a dreamy blue. Its the ideal place to try out all those ocean activities youve been pondering or for swimmers to immerse themselves.

Its worth heading to Malta for the diving opportunities alone. Its been named the second best diving spot in the world thanks to the incredible reefs, caves, and WW2 wrecks you can explore.

Wed recommend booking in a night dive down to the Double Arch. Its a spot on the north coast of Gozo, made up of two natural arches on top of each other at 20 metres deep. Take a dive and youll navigate caves and see large schools of barracudas.


(Picture: Peter Vanicsek)

The weather is dreamy

Theres year-round sun and warmth, so dont worry; there wont be a day when its so gloomy you have to stay indoors.

When you book a Jet2holidays trip to Malta, youll want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Feel the sun on your skin and dip your toes in the warm ocean. Delightful, right?



Plus theres plenty to do out of the sea

If youre not into diving, you wont be left high and dry – Maltas got loads of land-based activities for you.

Active types will love easy access to rock-climbing, horse-riding, go-karting, road-riding along the beaches and Jeep safaris.

Why Malta is the adrenaline junkie's dream destination

Fort Ricasoli in Valletta, where many of the Kings Landing scenes in Game of Thrones were filmed. (Picture: Getty)

There are incredible sights to see

Just so you know, the Kings Landing scenes in season one of Game of Thrones was filmed in locations across Malta or Gozo. If you werent too distracted by the plotlines, youll remember it was beautiful.

Head to Fort Ricasoli, which doubled as the Red Keep as well as being used as a location in Gladiator, go to Manicata to be where Khal Drogo was when he (spoiler) got poisoned, and visit the original capital of Malta, Mdina, filled with shops, museums, and winding streets.

But if youre not a GoT fan, theres lots to see.

Head to Comino for ocean views. Or visit Maltas capital Valletta to discover Saint Johns Cathedral – an amazing site of baroque and architecture opened in 1577 -, and have a wander around historical sites like the Lascaris War Rooms, where youll navigate a system of underground tunnels used by planners in World War Two.

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Its easy to explore

Maltas a small island, so you can easily dedicate time to wandering aimlessly and exploring off the beaten track while youre there.

Youll stumble on breathtaking views and hidden secrets, hiking and wandering and finding your own special version of Malta.

What could be more exciting than that?

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