Spice Girl Geri Horner has sparked pregnancy rumours after she shared the details of a sweet poem written by her daughter Bluebell following her 46th birthday.

The mum-of-two to daughter Bluebell, 12, and son Monty, aged one, celebrated turning 46 yesterday (August 6) and to mark the birthday, Geris daughter had written a poem about her beloved mum.

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The poem, titled “Heart of Gold for mum, by Bluebell” describes her mothers “smile so blue” and “heart of gold” and likens her hair to “golden silk”.

But eagle-eyed fans noticed the second verse gives hints to another baby on the way. It reads: “A child, maybe one, two, three, the first of which the author, me.”

While its not confirmed, fans have started speculating. One wrote: “Shes got your talent with writing Geri. But three children? Are you pregnant again Ginger?!”

However, the reference to three children could simply be a nod to Geris husbands daughter Olivia as part of the family unit.

In the poem Bluebell praises her mothers ability at “catching bugs” and giving the “greatest hugs” before finishing the poem with the sweetest ending, which reads: “I love my mother, through and through and if you met her so would you. Happy birthday mum! x”

I just wanted to share this birthday poem Bluebell wrote for me. I feel so proud , it touched my heart ?.

A post shared by Geri Horner ? (@therealgerihalliwell) on

Geri is so warmed by the poem she couldnt wait to share it with her fans. She uploaded the photo of the handwritten verses, with the caption: “I just wanted to share this birthday poem Bluebell wrote for me. I feel so proud , it touched my heart.”

It looks like Bluebell could be showing early signs of becoming a fantastic writer, maybe shell move on to writing songs like her mum in the future.

Thank you all for my lovely birthday messages. Had a great day with the family! ☀??

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Fans were quick to praise the youngster. One wrote: @therealgerihalliwell this is beautiful wow what an amazing talent you must be so proud” another added: “Future songwriter like her lovely mum ! ? x” and a third wrote: “Wow she has a talent with words, and what amazing words she wrote! Every mothers dream to read that!!”

Geri is mother to Bluebell who she had from a previous relationship and Monty, who she has with husband Christian.

Woman have contacted Geris reps for a comment over the baby speculation.

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