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Street scene, Vilnius, Lithuania

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As painful as it is to say out loud, it cant be denied. Summers drawing to a close.

With Autumn peeping round the corner, theres only one remedy to stave off the post-sun blues: a European city break.

And it doesnt have to rupture the piggy bank, not now that TravelSupermarket have published a guide to best value breaks on the continent.

At the top of the rankings is the Lithuanian capital city, Vilnius.

The average price of a weekend in the trendy, midsize city (including flights and accommodation) will only set you back around £99 from September 2018 to March 2019, according to TravelSupermarkets data- a saving of 195% compared the far better known city break destination Dubrovnik, in Croatia.

Vilniuss tourism chiefs have even turned its lack of notoriety into a selling point, dubbing it the G-spot of Europe: Nobody knows where it is, but when you find it – its amazing, runs the new tagline.

A hackney cab on the Main Square in Krakow (Cracow), Poland. Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) and the Town Hall in the background.

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You wont need to watch your pennies too closely even when youre there, with a three course meal at an average restaurant costing £15.65, and a pint of local beer only £2.68.



Eastern European cities take pride of place in the list, with Bratislava in Slovakia running its Lithuanian cousin a close second place. Bratislava was also found to be almost half as cheap as a break to Budapest, at just over £103.

The best value city breaks:

  1. Vilnius, £99.09 per person
  2. Bratislava £103.84 per person
  3. Turin £141.10 per person
  4. Lyon £144.37 per person
  5. Krakow £146.32 per person
  6. Porto £148.26 per person
  7. Riga £149.69 per person
  8. Berlin £149.73 per person
  9. Sofia £150.98 per person
  10. Cologne £154.68 per person

Turin in Italy followed in third, with Frances Lyon in fourth.

Krakow in Poland took fifth place in the best value city break index – with further data revealing it the UKs favorite short break spot, even ahead of Amsterdam for the first time.

TravelSupermarket reported a 221% spike in Krakow searches year on year, followed by a 102% increase in searches for Istanbul for an autumn/winter city break.

Makes even the idea of navigating Gatwick seem worth it.

Most expensive city breaks:

  1. Dubrovnik £292.66 per person
  2. Helsinki £289.72 per person
  3. Bruges £265.80 per person
  4. Malaga £264.27 per person
  5. Reykjavik £261.83 per person
  6. Ljubljana £257.61 per person
  7. Seville £257.44 per person
  8. Granada £242.39 per person
  9. Copenhagen £241.96 per person
  10. Florence £238.68 per person

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