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British holidaymakers spend on average 22 hours and 36 minutes trying to take the perfect holiday photo on a nine-day trip, research has found.

While this includes editing it afterwards when they finally snap the one, the average Brit takes seven minutes and 12 seconds trying to take the perfect photo to impress their follows and on average the will be taking 21 photos a day.

The research developed by International Currency Exchange (ICE) says some people will try to take the same photo up to 13 times to try to get the perfect picture, before spending another five-and-a-half minutes editing the photo and thinking up a caption.

And it turns out social media is even influencing where people go and what people do. Nearly one in five will choose where to travel based on what theyve seen online.

Others admitted that they will choose where to eat based on whether its going to make a pretty enough photo.

Woman taking a sunset photo in a convertible car. She is using a smart phone to take a picture of the beach and sunset over the ocean. She is on vacation or a road trip leaning out of the window and wearing a hat. Sun is reflected on the water. Car can be flipped for Left hand drive counties.

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That means some people might really miss out on what they really want on the menu just to please their Instagram followers.



But all of this dedicated selfie-taking is doing us more harm than good, causing us extra stress, not something needed while on holiday.

More than a quarter of 18 to 24-year-olds even panic that their followers wont be impressed by their holidays, worrying when they dont get enough likes on their photos.

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Louis Bridger, ICE general manager, said: Our research shows that Brits go to extreme lengths to perfect their holiday photos, so much so that they spend almost an entire day of their break taking them and, in some cases, even base their holiday around what will get the best shot.

Our message to those who do worry about what others think is that they really shouldnt have to.

Were always our own worst critics and at the end of the day its all about enjoying yourself and capturing your memories.

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