PLAYBOY MODEL: Marisa Papen stripped naked at a mosque in Istanbul (Pic: CEN/JESSE WALKER FROM ENKI EYEWEAR)

Marisa Papen lifted her burka to reveal her naked body inside the Hagia Sophia mosque in Turkeys biggest city Istanbul.

In a jaw-dropping image, taken by Australian photographer Jesse Walker, the bombshell can be seen flashing everything in a doorway.

But despite being jailed for her actions in the past, the naturist has defended her controversial decision to pose nude in the holy place.

She said: “Like I have said many times before, how can a body, created by God, be offensive?

“Religion is turning mankind more and more into pack animals. We no longer get the chance to listen to our heart and instinct. From birth we are being brainwashed.”

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“How can a body, created by God, be offensive?”

Marisa Papen

The Hagia Sophia is a former Byzantine cathedral and Ottoman mosque, which is now used as a museum.

Previously, Marisa and Jesse made headlines when they were imprisoned after a nude photoshoot at the Karnak Temple Complex near the Egyptian city of Luxor.

The duo staged another controversial shoot in front of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Israels most holy site.

Speaking about her latest stunt, the Belgian model said: “The reactions were intense and it's normal, it's a big barrier we have to break. I am aware that its going to take more than a few years to change our perception.

“I probably wont even be on this planet anymore before anything is changing in the direction of personal freedom. But with this life that has been given to me, Im willing to risk everything to help to create this shift that this planet desperately needs.”

Marisa Papen

CONTROVERSIAL: She also stripped off at a carpet store in Turkey (Pic: CEN/JESSE WALKER FROM ENKI EYEWEAR)

Jesse – who previously photographed Marisa for his ENKI Eyewear brand – said it had “never been about money or selling sunglasses”.

He added: “It always has been about creating something amazingly different and showing the world beautiful and fascinating people I shoot.

“I didnt make money for the first eight years of the brands 10-year history. I funded all of the campaigns myself just because I was so obsessed with creating beautiful photos.”

The pair, who describe themselves as a “modern day Bonnie and Clyde”, also staged a shoot in the surreal landscape of central Turkeys Cappadocia region famous for its cave-like dwellings.

Marisa Papen

NUDE: The Belgian model was previously snapped up naked in Egypt (Pic: CEN/JESSE WALKER FROM ENKI EYEWEAR) Related Articles

But they admit they were unaware of the tense political climate in Turkey at the time of their shoot.

“I don't follow the news, and I know Jesse doesn't do so either,” Marisa revealed.

“I guess in a way this plays in our advantage. If you do these kind of things, there cannot even be 1% of your mind resisting."

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