One uncomfortable passenger came to this dramatic realisation after spotting a woman practising her yoga routine mid-flight.

In the baffling clip, a woman wearing bright yellow leggings and pink trainers can be seen taking up three chairs as she positions herself on her hands and knees.

She then proceeds to arch her back, moving up and down like a strange 90s music video while casually looking out the plane window.

Its not clear why the woman decided to work on her yoga poses at high altitude, or why she was wearing gym gear on a plane in the first place.

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Nonetheless, the video has caused a lot of controversy online since its upload last week (November 21).

Most of the drama comes from Seth Roberts (the man behind the video) and his improper use of the hashtag “dogs of Instagram”.

One viewer wrote: “Somewhere there is a video of you filming her – try searching #creeper.”

While another saw the funny side of things, writing “mating dance?” in relation to the womans confusing antics.

WHY? A woman sits on her hands and knees on a plane (Pic: INSTAGRAM.SETHROBERTS)

It seems plane yoga has become a trend in recent months, with one couple spotted practising a routine at the back of a busy flight.

Another woman was spotted doing squats mid-flight, brandishing a black thong as she worked through her set.

And believe it or not, there is a decent scientific explanation as to why people should move around on planes.

According to experts, stretching during a long flight can lower your risk of developing blood clots while up in the air – the more you know.

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