As she enjoys life as a royal, 
the Duchess of Sussexs past still seems to be haunting her

Meghan Markle at Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Day 12, The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, London 14 July 2018

Theres no denying that since her engagement 
to Prince Harry was announced last November, 
the Duchess of Sussexs family have been causing 
quite the royal scandal.

With her outspoken half-sister Samantha Markle constantly slamming her on both TV and social media, and her father Thomas speaking out in the press, its perhaps understandable why Meghan, 37, would want to distance herself from certain members of her family.

But, as she prepares to welcome her first child with Harry, 34, it would seem that the Duchess is plagued by guilt over her strained relationship with her father.


Meghan feels terrible and has a huge sense of regret about the situation involving her dad, says a royal insider.

After all, this is her own flesh and blood and the person who raised her, not a distant relative who she barely knows or cares for any more.

Meghan is thought to have cut contact with her dad after he spoke publicly about both her and Harry. In one damning interview Thomas said, Ive just about reached my limit with Meghan and the royal family. Shed be nothing without me. I made her the Duchess she is today.

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And, despite Meghans happy baby news, she has continued to distance herself as far away from her father as possible, with Thomas, 74, revealing that he found out that his daughter was expecting through the media. Ironic, some might say…

I heard the baby announcement 
on the car radio. I thought, “My baby is having a baby,” he confessed on hearing the news.

But, as the royal continues to shun her past, it wouldnt be surprising if she couldnt shift her feelings of regret over the way things have panned out with her father.


Thomas caused controversy among the royal family when he set up staged paparazzi photos of himself ahead of his daughters wedding.

The images included shots of him being measured for a suit and even reading books about British landmarks. The humiliation didnt stop there, with him continually talking to the media, too.

But, were told that Meghan cant help but feel partly to blame for her fathers outbursts.

Meghan worries that her dad didnt have the guidance or support from her and that perhaps she could have done more to protect him at the beginning of the media storm, adds our insider.

It was all new to her too and she didnt really know what to do. The public outbursts were embarrassing, but she didnt feel that it was appropriate to be pandering to him given what he was saying in the press.


Regardless of what Meghan wants or her feelings of regret, there may well be too much water under the bridge already. Could the royal family forgive those interviews and invite Thomas into their family? Its 
a stretch by anyones standards.

In an ideal world, shed like to contact him and try and talk things through in an adult manner, explains our royal insider.

But, with her relatives shocking comments constantly grabbing headlines, it seems as though the unwanted attention theyre bringing to the royals might make it difficult for her to make amends with her dad.

Meghans tormented by guilt over how everything turned out, and what makes it harder is the fact shes left in such a difficult position, continues our well-placed source.

Does she make contact which could cause more trouble or distance herself further? Shell know that if she does contact them, itd be hugely controversial and, of course, now shes a duchess, royal protocol should come first.


Despite Meghans regrets, she still has a new royal life to focus on. With upcoming public engagements, Christmas at Sandringham and a baby due next spring, its unsurprising that were told her family feuds are casting a dark cloud over her happiness.

Meghans had many sleepless nights worrying about her dad, especially after his heart attack. What if this was his last Christmas? That would worry anyone and that must have gone through her mind, says our source.

Lets hope they can sort things out soon…

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