Ant and Dec have revealed that they almost parted ways after Ant was charged with drink-driving last year.

The Geordie duo have worked together for almost 30-years, but Dec – who continued to host their TV shows while Ant was seeking treatment – has admitted that he almost split from his TV partner over his indefensible offence.

Revealing the shocking admission to Guardians Weekend magazine, Dec said that when he heard the news, he felt both angry with Ant and upset for him.

I wanted to punch him and I wanted to hug him at the same time – and I didnt know which one I wanted to do first, Dec said.

During the aftermath, Dec confessed that he would be lying if he said he hadnt thought about splitting from his on-screen partner.

He said: Ant went away, and he had a lot of work to do on himself. He had a lot of thinking to do. Equally, I did. I thought about every eventuality and every permutation.

He added, “Ultimately, the number one thing I wanted to happen was that Ant came back and he was healthy and happy, and we got our relationship back on track and we carried on. Thats the thing that makes me the happiest, working together.”

Making the candid admission that he also had therapy after the incident, he said, “Im not too proud to say I sought help when Ant was away and throughout Ant going away.

“Its the most destabilising thing that has ever happened to me. I had some counselling, and I still do.”

Speaking earlier this year about Decs fury over the accident, Ant shared, “Hes angry, of course hes angry. But its justified and I understood it.

“Were friends first and foremost. And were friends from the age of 13. But of course theres going to be tensions there.

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