Netflix will issue $2bn (£1.5bn) worth of bonds, denominated in both dollars and euros, to raise money as the battle over TV and film streaming intensifies.

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The online media giant said the interest rate, maturity date, and other terms of the bonds will be determined in negotiations with buyers as it announced the issuance today.

The move comes as Netflixs rivals Disney, Warner Media, Apple and Comcast are each preparing their own streaming services which they hope to launch this year.

Netflix said it intends to spend the $2bn raised by the bond sale on buying content and the production and development of its high-budget headline films and TV shows, among other things.

The companys first quarter results, released last week, revealed that its long-term debt stood at $10.3bn. Spencer Neumann, chief financial officer of Netflix, said on an earnings call that the use of dRead More