Packing light can be a problem for anyone, especially with the strict cargo restrictions.

But theres no struggles for one woman who loves travelling around the world – completely naked.

Sarah Jane, 33, has built a cult following of 45,000 on Instagram and a whopping 65,800 subscribers on YouTube.

Shes explored everywhere from the bright beaches of Miami to Florida swamps.

“I would be comfortable going nude anywhere ”

Sarah Jane

The naked traveller said: “I would be comfortable going nude anywhere where the temperature is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Although she loves stripping down when travelling, Sarah Jane does respect local laws and claims she “would not go nude in Dubai”.

But theres a special place in her heart for the terrain of her native Vegas, US.

She added: “I am a huge nature lover and desert lover. The area around Las Vegas has amazingly beautiful scenery.

“It would be hard to pick a favourite! I like the sand dunes, the red rocks and the dry lake beds out here.”

Sarah Jane claims many of her pictures are actually taken by her sister.

“My family is 100% supportive of my nude photos,” she added.

Her risqué pastime isnt without its hazards though as the traveller has landed herself in hot water.

She continued: “I got busted a few times during nude photo shoots. Luckily, each time we were let go with a warning.

“But one time we were literally run off by a park ranger and forced to leave the park immediately.”

Her natural approach to life extends to her grooming as she shows off her underarm hair in her photos.

The former fetish model has even gone as far as selling her body hair to fans with more niche tastes.

She explained: “I never made any money off my following when I worked as a nude model and posted nude photos online.

“Then I started a YouTube channel that is Read More – Source

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