Shakira Pellow's mum described her as a 'a bubbly, happy, lively and fun loving person' (Picture: SWNS)

Shakira Pellows mum described her as a a bubbly, happy, lively and fun loving person (Picture: SWNS)

A bubbly teen died after taking three MDMA tablets, an inquest has heard.

Shakira Pellow took the pills in quick succession, while out with friends in Camborne, Cornwall, on Friday, July 6 last year.

She died the following morning in hospital, after falling into a coma.

The 15-year-old was in a park close to her home, when she took the MDMA tablets which had been marked with the name Duplo, after the childrens Lego, Cornwall Live reported.

Three other 15-year-olds were also taken to hospital and later recovered.

However, Shakira suffered a number of cardiac arrests and multiple organ failure.

Please note this picture was issued by the family - it is their wish that this picture is the one used with press articles about their daughter. An inquest will today July 5 2019 hear the details of the death of the popular 15 year old from Cornwall. Shakira Pellow who died after taking an unknown substance. See SWNS story SWDRUGS; A heartbroken family has revealed a teenage girl who took a dirty pill was resuscitated twice but died in her mother's arms - after suffering a THIRD heart attack. Shakira Pellow, 15, took what is thought to be a blue triangular tablet with a Lego Duplo logo on Friday night. She died in hospital the following morning while two girls and a boy, all aged 15, also suffered from toxic after-effects but have since been discharged.

Shakira Pellow died after taking a blue triangular MDMA tablet with a Lego Duplo logo (Picture: Pellow family /

PC Aaron Heath, of Penzance Police, told an inquest at Truro Magistrates Court yesterday, that police received contact from the ambulance service at 10.38pm on that Friday night.



They had requested assistance with a group of young people who were under the influence of drugs.

Ambulance crews identified the substance which the teens took as MDMA.

PC Heath said: Accounts obtained suggests that Shakira was with a group of friends, and they are at her home address, with a plan for them to stay the night at Shakiras home.

During that week, the group had agreed to look to source ecstasy tablets or some sort of drugs to use that evening.

Throughout the Friday, conversations had taken place between Shakira and a male, with regards to sourcing those drugs.

Floral tributes have been left at a park near Meneth Road in Camborne, Cornwall. 08/07/2018 An inquest will today July 5 2019 hear the details of the death of the popular 15 year old from Cornwall. See SWNS story SWDEATH; A 14-year-old girl has died and three 15-year-olds were taken to hospital after taking an "unknown substance" in a park. The girl is understood to have taken the substances on Friday night at around 10.40pm - and was pronounced dead 12 hours later. Two other 15-year-old girls were taken to hospital, along with a 15-year-old boy, after the youngest girl collapsed in Camborne, Cornwall. The families of all the children have been informed and are being supported by officers and medical staff, police said.

Floral tributes left at the park where Shakira collapsed (Picture:

Following an agreement with a male to meet and buy the drugs, Shakira left her home at about 8.20pm with a friend, and walked a short distance to an area near Tesco car park in Camborne.

PC Heath added: On route, Shakira and her friends stopped at Pengegon Parc, where there was a large group. There was exchange of conversation with that large group.

During that time, Shakira was heard to tell members of the group she was getting on it, and thats understood to mean that Shakira is either going to buy alcohol or drugs.

The group continued towards Tesco to wait for this male to arrive, however when he did arrive, which was at 8.42pm, another member of the group was asked to meet the male to exchange cash for 15 MDMA tablets, which were a brand known as “Duplo”.



After the tablets were supplied to Shakira, she took three in quick succession.

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