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UN chief calls for compliance with rules of war to protect...

Following are UN Secretary-General António Guterres remarks to the Security Council meeting on the p..

Israel deciding whether Netanyahu will remain in power in heated national...

Polls are open in what promises to be a high-stakes election for Israel, with 13-year incumbent PM B..


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Vaccination to contain severe measles outbreak underway in t the Congo...

ITURI, Democratic Republic of the Congo/DAKAR/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 11 July 2019 – Health workers are urg..

Merger madness: Canada’s marijuana industry enters consolidation phase

Canada’s cannabis industry is shedding its wild adolescence and maturing into adulthood as it prepar..

WHO Numbers: More than 90% of the worlds children breathe toxic...

WHO – Every day around 93% of the worlds children under the age of 15 years (1.8 billion children) b..

ICRD Analysis: Syrian Refugees Need Safe and Legal Pathways for Resettlement

Syria remains a deadly and hostile country while its civil war is underway. This means civilians con..

Watch: Palestinians in Gaza face mounting mental health crisis

More than a decade of blockade, war and economic collapse have taken a huge toll on the mental healt..

Press Release: Newswire Now: Brian Whitaker replaces Robust Journalism with Sun’s...

London, 20-01-2018 – Newswire Now Service (NWN) rejects Brian Whitaker’s sensationalist Journalism w..

Turkey: call for authorities to lift unlawful ban on Istanbul Pride

Thousands expected to defy the ban on Sunday There is still time for the authorities to do the righ..

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