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Apple Store celebrates 10TH birthday – here are some fascinating facts

Its popular App Store has just turned 10 and in that time its transformed the way we use our phones...

Hubert Cecil Booth: Who was vacuum inventor and engineer honoured by...

Click onto the Google homepage today and you will see an endearing animation of a man vacuuming a ye..

WhatsApp is making a MASSIVE change to its system and it’s...

In a massive overhaul to its messaging service, the Facebook-owned company will stop working for old..

Fning Facebook will do nothing to fight fake news or stop...

Lets be honest, Facebook has got away with it. Since 2014, it has had its hands in the cookie jar, ..

Mysterious black sarcophagus found in Egypt

An enormous black sarcophagus has been discovered during an archaeological dig in Egypt alongside an..

US chipmaker Broadcom has $19bn wiped off its market value after...

Californian semiconductor chipmaker Broadcom has lost $19bn (£13.7bn) in market value so far today, ..

UK tops the charts in second quarter for venture capital funding...

The UK has regained its title as the top spot in Europe for venture capital investment in the second..

Apple reveals fastest ever Macbook Pro, with some fancy new add-ons

Apple has today announced the new Macbook Pro 2018 as its fastest performing notebook ever, with lar..

Humans may have left Africa earlier than thought

Primitive humans may have ventured out of Africa earlier than previously thought, new evidence sugge..

Meet Auspex International, the new Cambridge Analytica 2.0

The former staff of Cambridge Analytica have set up a new data analysis business, using the same met..

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