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Man arranged picnic to celebrate Henry the Hoover and 37,000 people wanted to go
Sadly the picnic has been cancelled (Picture: Amazon/Getty)

Sometimes, even your Hoover deserves a day off.

Tom Kelross, a student at Cardiff University, set up an event to celebrate the achievements of hardworking Henry the Hoovers across the UK – and has asked people to bring their cleaner along on the day.

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On his invite page on Facebook, Tom included a link to the government’s website stating how much time people are allowed off so any prospective picnicers are aware of Henry’s rights.

In the online post, Tom said: ‘When was the last time your Henry got even a single days break or chance to spend time outside.

‘Show your Hoover some love and bring it down to Bute park.’

(Picture: Tom Kelross) Someone has arranged a mass Henry the Hoover picnic and 40,000 people are going *taken without permission
Henry-lover Tom Kelross organised the picnic (Picture: Tom Kelross)
(Picture: Facebook) Someone has arranged a mass Henry the Hoover picnic and 40,000 people are going
These Henrys took to the bottle when they found out the picnic had been cancelled (Picture: Facebook)

Tom’s post seems to have struck a cord with the hoover loving public, because 37,000 people have said they are interested in attending.

To put it into perspective, that amounts to the same number of people as the entire population of Lichtenstein.

It also attracted a flood of comments, pictures and shares from Henry-lovers as well as those who have a Hetty or James from the ‘Numatic family.’

Unfortunately, because of the sheer volume of people that showed interest in the event, the picnic has had to be postponed.

In a recent post on the event’s Facebook page, Tom wrote: ‘Now, I have some good news and bad news….

(Picture: Facebook) Someone has arranged a mass Henry the Hoover picnic and 40,000 people are going
This Henry did not allow the cancellation to discourage him(Picture: Facebook)

‘The bad news is that while Cardiff City Council probably wouldn’t have minded me bringing my university friends and a few dozen other people to Bute Park, now that it could be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of people, I have been advised that I can’t legally host the event without completing various health and safety forms and various other red tape.

‘This means, due to the massive interest, the picnic will have to be postponed until a later date.’

People haven’t taken the news very well.

Keiran Horton said: ‘Sorry to tell people that Henry – whilst not being able to get over the saddened news of the picnic being postponed – has gotten himself in with the wrong carpet and is now hoovering white powder.’

(Picture: Facebook) Someone has arranged a mass Henry the Hoover picnic and 40,000 people are going
This Hetty is all dressed up with nowhere to go(Picture: Facebook)

Simon Edwards added: ‘Henry is going to have a fucking melt down when I tell him about this.

‘His blow habit is already spiraling out of control.’

Hayley Lewis posted a photo of her Numatic family and said: ‘Having recently found out the highlight of their lives has been wickedly cancelled due to council bureaucracy Harry has now taken to the old vinegar, teenage Henry is about to down the single malt in sheer depression and baby Henry is just gutted.

‘The tears which have been shed is just unreal.’

Poor Henry.

Despite the disappointment Tom is encouraging people to organise their own, much smaller picnics to try and raise some money for the Samaritans.

Now that definitely wouldn’t suck.

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