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NHS tracing app does not work with more than 60,000 daily...

The developers of the new NHS coronavirus tracing app have admitted that more than 60,000 tests carried out in England yesterday – just under a third of the total – cannot be linked to its systems. The admission appears to undermine the central role of the software, which is to warn people when they have come into contact with anyone who subsequently tests positive. The long-awaited NHS coronavirus contact-tracing app launched two days ago across England and Wales. Image: This was the NHS app response to the issue which was raised by a user on Twitter However, in a response to a tweet by a user who said they had been tested but could not upload the result, the app's developers said it is not linked to test results processed in a Public Health England lab or NHS hospital. "If your test took place in a Public Health England lab or NHS hospital, or as part of national surveillance testing conducted by the Office for National Statistics, test results cannot currently be linked ..

Killing of police officer in custody centre was captured on CCTV

The fatal shooting of a police officer in a custody suite in London was captured on CCTV, Scotland Yard has revealed. Metropolitan Police sergeant Matiu Ratana, 54, was killed in the early hours of Friday. Advertisement Read More – Source [contf] [contfnew] sky news [contfnewc] [contfnewc]

New UK coronavirus cases drop after five consecutive days of rises

Another 6,042 lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in the UK in the latest 24 hour period. It comes a day after 6,874 were reported, which was the highest single-day figure so far in the pandemic. Up until Saturday, cases had risen for five successive days – but the weekend sometimes comes with a lag in the number of new infections and deaths being recorded. The numbers are also nowhere near a realistic comparison to the peak of April and May, when Imperial College researchers have suggested there were more than 100,000 daily new infections and there was far less testing. The overall number of confirmed COVID-19 infections is now 429,277. Advertisement Thirty-four more people in the UK have died within 28 days of testing positive for coronavirus, the government has said. Also, the number of deaths announced on Friday has been revised up from 34 to 35. More from Covid-19 The total number of UK fatalities stands at 41,971. :: In England in the latest 24 hour peri..

NHS tracing app problem that left tens of thousands of tests...

A problem that prevented tens of thousands of people from logging the result of their coronavirus tests on the new NHS contact-tracing app has been fixed, according to a Department of Health spokesman. In a statement, they said: "Everyone who receives a positive test result can log their result on the app. "A minority of people, such as hospital patients, who were unable to log their positive result can now request a code when contacted by NHS Test and Trace to input on their app." It came after the app's developers admitted it had not been able to link more than 60,000 coronavirus tests carried out in England on Friday – just under a third of the total – to its systems. Image: This was the NHS app response to the issue, raised by a user on Twitter The admission had appeared to undermine the central role of the software, which is to warn people when they have come into contact with anyone who subsequently tests positive. Advertisement The long-awaited NHS COVID-19 contac..

William Hill marked higher on rumours of a bid approach from...

William Hill PLC (LON:WMH) shares surged down the back straight, rising 19% to 258.2p after reports swirled around the City of a bid approach. According to the Bloomberg news agency, Apollo Global Management is considering taking a punt on the bookmaking giant. WILLIAM HILL WMH.L SHARES SURGE OVER 10%, TRADER CITES BLOOMBERG REPORT ON TAKEOVER APPROACH BY APOLLO AS CAUSE — Tom Howard (@tomhtimes) September 25, 2020 In June of this year the FTSE 250 company raised roughly £224mln by placing shares at 128p a pop after its business was hit by the lockdown restrictions that led to the cancellation of a raft of sporting events. 12.05pm: Revolution Bars slumps after responding to press speculation Revolution Bars Group PLC (LON:RBG) lost a fifth of its value at 8.75p after it confirmed it is considering a company voluntary arrangement (CVA). A CVA is a scheme whereby, with the agreement of its creditors, an insolvent company can pay off its debts over a fixed period and thus continue ..

Boohoo to take spotlight in coming week alongside Greggs, Ferguson and...

The coming week will see several prominent names on the corporate calendar, including bakery chain Greggs, online fashion giant and AIM behemoth Boohoo and blue-chip plumbing and heating group Ferguson. On the macro front, most of the attention will be on Fridays US non-farm payroll data, although UK and US GDP data on Wednesday as well as a smattering of PMIs across the week are also likely to draw scrutiny from the market. Reach looks to turn a page The owner of the Daily Mirror and the Daily Express, Reach PLC (LON:RCH), is due to deliver interim results on Monday, covering something of a difficult period for the media sector. Investors were given a preview of what was to come in a trading update in early July, where the company reported that revenues in its second quarter had fallen 27.5% year-on-year due to declines in circulation and ad spending, although it highlighted that trends had “slightly improved” in June with revenue falling only 23.9% in the month compared to 30.5% i..

Britains finances spiral out of control, as fear and loathing stalk...

Britains finances spiral out of control, as fear and loathing stalk the land Any idea that the Conservative party is the home of prudent economic and fiscal policy is surely out the window, now that government borrowing has pushed past the £2tn mark. That eye-watering total amounts to nearly 102% of GDP, the highest level British government debt has been at since 1961, and the highest level ever that isnt related to war-time expenditure. Its no accident that the countrys Chancellor of the Exchequer is the most popular politician in Britain at the moment either. A large chunk of the money thats been borrowed has been funneled straight into the hands of a panicky electorate, grateful for any source of solace they can find. In itself thats an unusual turn of events – Chancellors are usually unpopular figures associated with taxation and penny-pinching. But times change. In socialist-conservative Britain, people are paid not to work, and they seem to like it. Although government polic..

Coronavirus R number rises again – to between 1.2 and 1.5

The coronavirus 'R number' for the UK could now be as high as between 1.2 and 1.5, say government advisers. Last week, it was an estimated 1.1 to 1.4 (from 1.0 and 1.2), according to science advisory body SAGE. In this week's estimate, they said there was "widespread growth of the epidemic across the country" of between 4% and 8% per day. The R number indicates the average number of people each person with coronavirusgoes on to infect and needs to remain below 1.0 to keep the pandemic under control. An number between 1.2 and 1.5 means that on average every 10 people infected will infect between 12 and 15 others. Advertisement The figure represents transmission over the last few weeks and there is a slight time lag to reporting. On Thursday,Read More – Source [contf] [contfnew] sky news [contfnewc] [contfnewc]

Weekly coronavirus infections almost double in England – official figures

More than 103,000 people in England are estimated to have had coronavirus in the week ending 19 September, according to the Office for National Statistics. The figure is almost double the previous week (4 to 10 September) when it was 59,800. It equates to around one in 500 people testing positive for COVID-19, according to the ONS, up from around one in 900 the week before. Live updates on coronavirus from UK and around the world There were around 9,600 cases per day during the week until the 19 September – up from 6,000 a day from the previous week, according to the organisation. Advertisement Wales' infections were estimated to have risen seven-fold, going from 1,500 to 10,800 – and equating to one in 300 people. The numbers are for infections recorded in the community and exclude hospitals, care homes and other institutional settings. More from Covid-19 The ONS said there was evidence of higher infection rates in England's North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, Lo..

Coronavirus: UK reports 6,874 new cases of COVID-19

The UK has reported 6,874 new cases of COVID-19, a rise of 240 from Thursday, meaning the overall number of confirmed cases is now 423,236. A further 34 people are reported to have died within 28 days of testing positive for COVID-19 – a figure which does not include data from Scotland due to technical issues. This means the number of people who have died in the UK after contracting the virus is 41,936. Live updates on coronavirus from the UK and around the world Despite the number of new cases, the UK is still nowhere near a realistic comparison to the peak of April and May, when Imperial College researchers have suggested there were more than 100,000 new infections a day. Advertisement Meanwhile, the latest full UK figure for hospital daily admissions (as of 16 September) is 266. This is an increase of 62 from the previous week (204 cases) and two weeks before, which had 141 cases. It comes as the government's advisers estimated the coronavirus 'R number' for ..

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