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French prosecutors open inquiry into police assault of protester

Issued on: 19/01/2020 – 16:03Modified: 19/01/2020 – 16:06 French prosecutors said Sunday that an i..

HPV puts ‘strain’ on millennial sex and dating

Mercedes was so confident her smear test would come back clear that she was chatting to a friend on ..

Period poverty: Schools urged to order free menstrual products

State schools and colleges in England can now order free period products for students as part of a g..

Running marathon cuts ‘artery age by four years’

Training for and completing a marathon improves the health of a new runner's arteries, cutting ..

Ex-footballers urged to sign up for early dementia tests

A former Wales and Norwich City footballer has agreed to brain tests for the rest of his life as par..

Brain ‘shrinks’ if children neglected

An early life full of neglect, deprivation and adversity leads to people growing up with smaller bra..

French strikes: Macron government enters crucial week of talks with unions

Issued on: 06/01/2020 – 13:25Modified: 06/01/2020 – 13:26 French President Emmanuel Macron is prep..

Caring for two-year-old with unique ageing condition

Two-year-old Isla is believed by medical experts to be the only person in the world living with a ge..

China pneumonia: Sars ruled out as dozens fall ill in Wuhan

A mysterious viral pneumonia that has infected dozens in central China is not Severe Acute Respirato..

Military deployed across Australia for bushfire relief as another heat wave...

Issued on: 06/01/2020 – 05:20Modified: 06/01/2020 – 05:20 Reserve troops were deployed to fire-rav..

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