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Drones sent in to catch fly-tippers in the act
Drones are the latest recruits to stop fly tipping (Picture: Rex/ Shutterstock)

Drones are the latest recruits in the fight against fly-tipping in Ireland.

The flying machines are being used by Laois County Council to catch illegal dumpers in the act.

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The new project between the environment section and council volunteers is being launched next week, reports the Leinster Express.

Senior executive engineer Orla Barrett has asked the public to tell them where the popular dumping locations are.

She said: ‘We encourage people to tell us where the hot spots are. The public can be afraid of individuals dumping, but if you tell us where they frequent, we can go after them ourselves.’

View from Rock of Dunamase, County Laois, Ireland.
County Laois, Ireland (Picture: Getty)

Small powerful cameras mounted on the drones will hopefully record the enviro-criminals.

When someone passes by, it sends an engineer a text, photo and record a short clip.


The cameras are being moved from location to location around Laois.

So far in 2018, the environment section has had 179 complaints, mostly about litter and dumping. They have issued 33 notices of litter fines.

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