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‘Snowden is a traitor’: Former NSA analyst to RT (VIDEOS)

Former NSA analyst Ira Winkler described whistleblower Edward Snowden as a traitor and a sociopath t..

Bryan Singer fired from Queen biopic, says source

Director Bryan Singer has been fired from the Queen biopic he'd been directing, according to a ..

Meet the Chinese actress cast as Mulan

Chinese actress Liu Yifei, also known as Crystal Liu, has been cast to play Mulan in an upcoming liv..

Bernie Sanders reveals $146bn relief bill for Puerto Rico and US...

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) introduced a $146 billion relief package for Puerto Rico and the ..

San Diego gun buyback so successful police turn gun owners away

Published time: 5 Dec, 2017 00:28 The San Diego Police Department’s no-questions-asked gun buybac..

Christmas canceled? American Airlines ‘glitch’ leaves thousands of flights unpiloted

Published time: 30 Nov, 2017 02:49 American Airlines is facing a Christmas crisis after a “comput..

Death by lettuce: E. coli outbreak blamed on romaine

Two people have died and 58 have become ill in the US and Canada over the past seven weeks from E. c..

Roseanne says having her character be a Trump voter is ‘realistic’

The Connors are coming back to TV in a reboot of the classic sitcom "Roseanne." Star Roseanne Barr s..

Fights break out at ‘It’s OK To Be White’ event on...

Published time: 29 Nov, 2017 06:27 A fight erupted during an event being held at the University o..

Tax reform one step closer as Senate procedural vote passes

President Donald Trump’s plan to rewrite the American tax code for the first time in three decades i..

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