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What will Trump get in return for Kim meeting?

In the North Korean version of this story, their leader is not the aggressor, he is the hero. Peopl..

Donald v Kim: How their body language compares

Our expert looks at what we can learn from Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un's body language, with t..

Trump supporters do not care about ‘noise’

Donald Trump's tariffs have gone down pretty well in Pittsburgh – also known as Steel City. Th..

Trump tariffs order risks world trade war

Donald Trump has fired the starting gun on what could become a world trade war by officially orderin..

Trump tariffs could harm world and US

Whatever you may say or think about Donald Trump, he is slowly but surely trying to tick off the cam..

White House softens trade tariff stance

The White House has said that certain countries may be spared planned new trade tariffs in an appare..

Florida gun control bill passes state’s House

A Florida bill to tighten gun controls has been approved by the state's second legislative body..

Florida shooting suspect charged with 17 murders

A grand jury has formally charged Nikolas Cruz with 17 counts of murder following a mass shooting at..

EU threatens to squeeze US with orange juice tariff

The EU has upped the ante in the trade dispute with the US – warning duties on peanut butter and ora..

Economic adviser quits White House over trade tariffs

Donald Trump's economic adviser has quit his role in the White House over the president's ..

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