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Coffee shop bans police officers in case their uniforms trigger customers

Hasta Muerte in Oakland, Ca., which refuses to serve uniformed cops (Fox2) A coffee shop has banned ..

54 severed hands that washed up in a bag ‘not suspicious’,...

The 54 hands were stuffed in a bag (Picture: East to West) The grim discovered of 54 severed hands i..

Passenger slapped bus driver and ‘bit him on the face’ when...

A drunk passenger has been arrested for reportedly biting a bus driver on the face (Picture: AsiaWir..

Thousands of eggs and embryos may have been destroyed after hospital...

University Hospitals, in Cleveland (Picture: Google) Thousands of eggs and embryos may have been des..

Donald Trump’s new tariff could ‘devastate’ Britain’s steel industry

Donald Trump speaking ahead of signing the new steel and aluminum tariff at the White House Thursday..

Dwarf boxing bar slammed as ‘insulting’ by campaigners

The Ringside Bar on the Burges Strip in Manila employs around a dozen dwarfs who stage fights from 8..

Boy, 14, drove car with flashing blue lights and pretended to...

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supp..

Young girl attacked by lion inside enclosure

Turning suddenly, it swiped at one young girl – pinning her to the ground. (Picture: Snapchat) A you..

Donald Trump got restraining order against porn star ‘he cheated on...

Donald Trump has been granted a restraining order against porn star Stormy Daniels, who claims he ch..

Woman jailed for removing her obligatory headscarf in Iran

The woman has been jailed for two years (Picture: Twitter/Arminnavabi) A woman who removed her heads..

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