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EU settles dispute over major weedkiller glyphosate

EU countries have voted to renew the licence of glyphosate, a widely used weedkiller at the centre o..

Clean air target ‘could be met more quickly’

Targets for reducing illegal levels of NO2 pollution from vehicles will be achieved more quickly tha..

How bats keep an ear on their prey

A structure that allows sound information to be processed extremely fast has been identified in bats..

Bird pulled from brink of extinction facing poisoning threat

The red kite has become more common in the UK in the past 30 years, thanks to conservation schemes. ..

RemoveDebris: Space junk mission prepares for launch

Media playback is unsupported on your device A mission that will test different methods to clean u..

Teenage brains ‘not wired for high stakes’

Brain immaturity during adolescence could explain why some teenagers fail to respond to incentives s..

River departed ‘before Indus civilisation emergence’

Further light has been shed on the emergence and demise of one of the earliest urban civilisations. ..

Food waste: Clearer label plan in bid to cut

A new attempt is being made to improve labelling to prevent edible food going to waste. The waste a..

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