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Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds reaches one million mark

The vault storing the world's most precious seeds is taking delivery on Monday of donations tha..

Wearable tech aids stroke patients

Scientists in the US are developing wearable sensors to speed up the recovery of stroke patients. T..

World’s fishing fleets mapped from orbit

It's another demonstration of the power of Big Data – of mining a huge batch of statistics to s..

Wildlife secrets of Nigeria’s last wilderness

The world's rarest chimpanzee has been captured on camera in the remote forests of Nigeria. Th..

Neanderthals were capable of making art

Contrary to the traditional view of them as brutes, it turns out that Neanderthals were artists. A ..

Mutation ‘gives bats edge over deadly viruses’

A single mutation in an immunity gene called Sting might be one reason why bats can resist the worst..

SpaceX launches broadband pathfinders

SpaceX launched again on Thursday – this time to put a Spanish radar satellite above the Earth. But..

Ancient Britons ‘replaced’ by newcomers

The ancient population of Britain was almost completely replaced by newcomers about 4,500 years ago,..

Tasmanian tiger ‘joeys’ revealed in 3D

It is a fascinating insight into the biology of an extinct animal. Scientists have scanned all kno..

Government loses clean air court case

Campaigners have won a third High Court victory over the UK government's plans to tackle air po..

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