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Wrong turn, dummy: Space car heads towards asteroids

SpaceX billed it as "an endless road trip past Mars", but the Tesla blasted into space on Tuesday ma..

Softbank raises eyebrows with talks to buy a slice of Swiss...

Softbank has raised eyebrows after a confirmation it is in talks with Swiss Re about taking a minori..

The HTC U11+ embiggens the world’s first squeezable smartphone

Rumour has it that the HTC U11+ was once destined to be the Pixel 2 XL, before a capricious Google c..

Twitter shares are jumping after reporting its first ever profit

Twitter's share price jumped in pre-market trading after what chief executive Jack Dorsey calle..

‘First Brit’ who died 10,000 years ago had ‘dark to black...

This is the face of oldest complete skeleton ever found in the UK (Photo: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire) Th..

Poundland ‘naughty’ elf ad deemed ‘irresponsible’ by regulator

A Poundland ad campaign that featured innuendo and depictions of sexual acts has been deemed "irresp..

BBC launches first augmented reality app for Civilisations

The BBC is launching its first augmented reality app. It will enable people to explore historical ar..

World’s most powerful rocket roars into space

The world's most powerful rocket has blasted off from Cape Canaveral, sending a car into an orb..

Government to scrutinise employment status after rise of gig economy

The government will promise to scrutinise how workers are classified with a rising number of people ..

Without profit, Elon Musk’s coming back to earth

Last night, eccentric billionaire Elon Musk sent one of his own Tesla sports cars into outer space w..

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