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Google Chrome extensions with 500,000 downloads found to be malicious

EnlargeICEBRG Researchers have uncovered four malicious extensions with more than 500,000 combined d..

The Windows 10 control panel modernization continues: Fonts get some love

Enlarge/ The Settings app is gaining new powers to control your PC's The..

Epic admits that Fortnite’s success may seal another F2P game’s fate

Enlarge/Paragon sure can look cool, but in terms of gameplay, fans argue that updates have left some..

Motion-sensing cameras capture candid wildlife shots

How does a bighorn sheep say "cheese?" Some charismatic critters caught by motion-detecting wildli..

Lifelike robots made in Hong Kong meant to win over humans

David Hanson envisions a future in which AI-powered robots evolve to become "super-intelligent geniu..

Huge meteor fireball explosion sparks fears of Armageddon and alien invasion

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supp..

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple prices plunge in cryptocurrency meltdown

Is the Bitcoin bubble bursting in front of our eyes? (Photo: Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images) Bitcoin ..

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek calls on Europe to move faster on...

The CEO and founder of Spotify has a love-hate view of EU lawmakers. Spotify’s Daniel Ek critiqued ..

Theresa May’s reshuffle that wasn’t

LONDON — After months of reshuffle speculation, when the time came, Theresa May’s ministers couldn’t..

Behold the free-spending German

For a guy selling bad news to an uneasy audience, Günther Oettinger was pumped up and surprisingly u..

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