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Jennifer Lawrence nude photo hacker jailed

A man who hacked into more than 200 iCloud accounts of Hollywood stars, including Jennifer Lawrence,..

Lab-grown meat is the future says think tank

The UK should start production of lab-grown meat in order to secure a more sustainable food source f..

Facebook takes on YouTube and Netflix with launch of Watch

Facebook has rolled out its on-demand video service worldwide following a trial run in the US. Face..

Brexit prompts surge in Brits learning languages

Some Britons unhappy with the UK's decision to leave the European Union have opted for an unusu..

Instagram users can now apply to be verified ✓

Instagram users can now apply to receive a verified tick for their profiles – but will only get it i..

‘Misleading’ contraception app ad banned in UK

An advert for an app billed as a natural alternative to contraception has been banned after it was d..

Goats prefer smiling human faces, study finds

Goats can distinguish between smiling and frowning humans, according to a new study. The research b..

Brexit space race on as £92m satellite project launched

Theresa May has announced a multi-million pound satellite project to develop a UK rival to the EU&#0..

New record as 2.3m STD cases diagnosed in US

The number of Americans with common sexually transmitted diseases (STD) has jumped to record levels,..

Bumblebees become addicted to pesticides

Bumblebees become addicted to pesticides in the same way smokers crave nicotine, a new study has fou..

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