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Made in China? Xi Jinping could dethrone the nation’s counterfeit kings

Imitation might be the highest form of flattery, but that is of little comfort to the western busine..

Evgeny Morozov

Don’t call Evgeny Morozov an early adopter — unless you’re talking about casting a skeptical eye on ..

How tech is winning the Trump era

SAN FRANCISCO — The conventional wisdom about the tech industry’s relationship with Donald Trump is ..

The ‘huge’ hole in the US government’s Russian software ban

The Trump administration’s order barring certain Russian software from government networks doesn’t f..

Man gets gruesome fungal lesion after snipping pimple with dirty wood...

Brittgow A 23-year-old man in Chicago developed a rare, festering fungal lesion on his lower lip aft..

Volkswagen executive sentenced to maximum prison term, fine under plea deal

Enlarge On Wednesday, a US District judge in Detroit sentenced Oliver Schmidt, a former Volkswagen e..

macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 is here with enterprise and security updates

Enlarge/ High Sierra wallpaper. The low-hanging clouds in the background may or may not be related t..

European data watchdogs go after Uber

The group of European data protection authorities said today they set up a task force to probe ride-..

Will tech firms challenge China’s ‘open’ internet?

Sometimes you can gauge how proud someone is about being at an event by the extent to which they wan..

Report: Apple to Begin Paying Ireland Billions in Back Taxes

The Associated Press byLucas Nolan5 Dec 20170 5 Dec, 20175 Dec, 2017 Apple is expected to begin p..

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