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Earth’s ‘next door neighbour’ could be home to WATER

GETTY STOCK ALIEN DAWN: An artist's impression of the surface of Proxima b (Pic: GETTY STOCK..

White House ‘preparing to investigate tech giants’

The White House has drafted an executive order for Donald Trump which would instruct federal agencie..

Japanese space agency launches hopping probes

A hopping space probe which will land on the surface of a large asteroid has been launched by the Ja..

Octopuses get very friendly when on MDMA

Scientists have found out what happens when you give an octopus MDMA – almost the exact same thing a..

Javid tells Google to do ‘a lot, lot more’ on child...

The home secretary has told Google to "do a lot lot more" in tackling online child abuse in a speech..

Govt rejects online voting for disabled voters

The government has rejected calls to provide online voting access to disabled voters, claiming it in..

UK arrests 131 suspected paedophiles in a week

British police arrested 131 suspects tied to online child sex offences last week, and are calling fo..

‘80,000 pose online sexual threat to children’

At least 80,000 people in the UK are believed to pose a sexual threat to children online, the home s..

Egypt finds village that ‘predated pharaohs’

The Egyptian government has found one of the oldest villages ever in the Nile Delta, dating back to ..

Drone flown ‘deliberately’ towards light aircraft

A drone was flown deliberately within 20 feet of a light aircraft, its pilot has claimed. It happen..

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