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Harry, Markle had ‘cloak and dagger operation’ before going public with...

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle executed a “cloak and dagger operation” in order to keep their relati..

Worlds largest underground cave formed 100m years ago hides amazing secret...

The super cave, called the Miao Room, is one of the largest underground chambers in the world and fi..

Dirtiest part of the plane REVEALED – and the amount of...

GETTY STOCK IMAGE GERMS: The dirtiest part of a plane has been revealed Flight cabins and airports..

Scottish rescue dogs head to the beach to promote dog-friendly breaks

(Picture: Paws Pet Photography/Argyll Holidays) Staycations are great. Cheap, simple and free of an..

St Patrick’s Day 2018: When is St Paddy’s Day? Where are...

GETTY ST PATRICK’S DAY 2018: Cities around the world will celebrate everything Irish Soon the stre..

Pound to euro exchange rate: Sterlings FALLS to nine-month low amid...

GETTY EXCHANGE RATE: The pound to euro exchange rate is at its lowest this year The pound has f..

Woman calls POLICE after making stomach-churning discovery in hotel bath

TWITTER/@hayleyyjay ROOM WITH AN EWW: This guest is bound to be put off hotel baths for life Ma..

Couple humiliated after being kicked off cruise: It was a nightmare

GETTY WALKING THE PLANK: A couple were furious to be kicked off a cruise (not pictured) Elaine ..

Rapid Hays Travel expansion driving innovation in recruitment

What are Cookies? Cookies are tiny text files that are placed on your computer, mobile phone, or ot..

Hawaii volcano ERUPTS on tourist boat causing lava bomb: Is it...

A trip to Hawaii is not cheap, and now tourists are wondering if they need to cancel their holiday p..

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