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Watch a green fireball 'UFO' light up the night sky on New Year's Eve
The huge glowing green orb was spotted across the UK (Credit: MEN)

Hundreds of people were left scratching their heads on New Year’s Eve after glimpsing a bright green UFO in the skies over Britain.

A huge glowing object was spotted in the hours just before the bells, with observations reported from Scotland to the south of England.

Yet the sightings weren’t the result of too much booze. Neither were befuddled skygazers witnessing the opening stages of an alien invasion.

They had just seen a meteor plunge into Earth and burn up in the atmosphere.

The UK Meteor Network described the object as a ‘very large fireball’ and said it received 700 reports from members of the public.

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IMO now received over 700 public reports about the a fireball seen on December 31st 2017 around 17:36 UT. Most of those reports came from UKMON. Thank you all!

— UK Meteor Network (@UKMeteorNetwork) January 1, 2018

Trevor Whitehead, of the Huddersfield Town Supporters Association, was driving a bus when the meteor scorched through sky.

He said: ‘I was driving towards Leeds. It looked like two rockets burning blue/green. It disappeared behind the clouds heading west.’

Graham Ellis, who saw it over Mirfield, West Yorkshire, said: ‘It looked like a big firework with orange sparks trailing off a green object. It was flying horizontally and slower than a firework.

James Girling tweeted: ‘Travelling up the A1 – spotted huge meteor enter Earth’s atmosphere. Absolutely insane #meteor.’

Alyson Dodd posted: ‘We saw the green and gold meteor flying fast over Nord Bottleshop in Whitley Bay while sat having a drink in the window.

‘I thought it was a firework, Matthew thought it was a fighter jet.’

Watch a green fireball 'UFO' light up the night sky on New Year's Eve
The meteor can be seen in the top right of this dashcam video (Credit: MEN)

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Greg Stone said: ‘Was on the A19 approach to the Tyne Tunnel tonight and saw the bright green meteor fly overhead quite low before breaking into two and fading over Gateshead – spectacular.’

@Nevermore1983 added: ‘That meteor was so bright never seen one like it. #Durham’

On Twitter Professor Brian Cox, a celebrity physicist, said he was ‘sad’ to have missed seeing the meteor.

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